Why you need a website and not simply depend on Social media

In the digital era of business, online marketing channels like websites and social media are of the essence. It’s very common these days to use social media along with a professional website to promote your business by interacting with a large number of audiences.

But do you ever wonder why would you want a website when you can just easily set up a social media page for free? Well, you’re not the only one!

Even though you can create a social media page for your business without spending a buck, one thing you’ll always need is a website.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a photographer or a yoga tutor, a website is the most valuable asset you can have. If done professionally, a website can help you build your brand in a way a social media page can’t.

The best thing about owning a website is the ultimate control you have over it. Who wouldn’t prefer the flexibility of personalising a website, from colour scheme to navigation, over social media’s typical interface and features?

A website is the quintessential online presence of your business. No doubt social media is an effective marketing tool that can help you engage with your target audience, but your website is the one that REPRESENTS your brand and builds its image.

Just think about it, if someone wants to know more about your brand or the products and services you offer, they’re more likely to look up for your website than your social media page.

Still don’t believe us? Let’s take a look at what a website can do for you that social media can’t:

  • The very reason you need a website for is to exploit every business opportunity out there. Without a website, a major chunk of the market won’t even consider you while making purchase decisions. Your prospects are most likely to cross you off as an option to buy from. Stats show that approximately 93% of the online purchases start with a web search and thus, not having a website would mean you’re selling only to the rest 7%.
  • A domain with your brand’s name on it establishes a strong level of trust between you and your customers. According to a survey, more than 80% of the online audience consider businesses with a website more reliable than those without it. The credibility a website builds for your brand ultimately enhances your brand equity.
  • Your website plays a crucial role in E-mail marketing too. It helps you Collect the E-mail IDs of your customers and subscribers which in turn lets you reach and engage with them by sending weekly updates. While using E-mail marketing you have to make sure that you send your prospects someplace to convert and what better place there is than your own website?

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